In our life we had so much friends all of them are important to me,but i have this friend that i will never forget in my whole entire life.This special person's name is 杨童钰,my very best...

my best friendHello! I am Rachel. do you know I have many many friends, but who is my best friend? Let me Tell you : my best friend is book.Because book give me many knowledge,we are inseparable as body and shadow. I think knowledge is power, book is like a golden key,it can open intelligent door. I read as soon as I am free. So we make best friends. I love my best friend.

Everybody has a best friend that they can share everything with.I also have a best friend.We met in school,and we re in the same grade. My best friend is a good student because he is ...

My best friend is Kate. Were in the same class. She is 12 years old. She is a very beautiful girl, and always smiles. She has big eyes, a small mouth and long black hai

My best friend 穿越时空的少女(5) 梨花含笑时,散尽那场缘 无论何时,年华都盛开 失望了,彻底失望了! 狡猾老爸,I服了you! 福尔摩斯探案——冒险史--五个桔核(转载)