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I want to be a writer  I want to be a writer, because book can gave the people onpneuma help, and if your Psyche is falling and locate blackly, you are very blindness, very stray , can’t find bearing. Book can retrieval you Psyche, so, I think if I am a writer, I can help people form the innermost.  I want to be a writer, when I am a writer, I will write many kind of book: essay book, scribble book, fairy tale book, fiction, and so on. My book provided with every sort, let the children form every aspect all can fall under education. And my book, is not the children come under order, so, they read book, I will let them by allure, so look my book. A country will develop or break up, depend on the children. The children can or can’t be a person with ability, depend on the education, so I will do my best to write good book to education the children, let china at the world status up and up!

I want to be a writer 我想成为作家this is the voice hidden deeply in the bottom of my heart. i want to be a writer. i want to contribute my thoughts and emotions to my life. i want to be a ...


will get .Also , reading can relax myself ,when I feel tired , I always pick up a book and lay down in the bed .The role in the books can help me relax . So I want to be a writer , when I ...